Sunday, 23 November 2014

1 month or therabouts to Christmas ! OMGoodness................

list as long as my arm.........................which includes the usual.  Clean oven, defrost fridge/freezer, clean all my cupboards out.

This weekend I have cleaned out my treatment room to make a Dining Room for Christmas Day and the fact that I don't know if I shall ever be able to do reflexology ever again - my thumb is fused straight :(

Loads and loads of junk to be gotten rid of.................and Christmas presents still to get - but I managed to clean my bedroom windows this weekend and last weekend I cleaned all under my bed etc. 

Accounts to be finished off and sent to the Accountant tomorrow - and STILL more washing to be done, sick of the amount of washing and tryng hard to get it all dry - might end up at the laundrette this month.

Carpets being fitted next Saturday and going out with Marian on the Sunday to get some new decorations, I hope.

14th we are off to Caulke Abbey but to be truthful it sounds a bit childish - OK if we had children to take, but we don't.

All in all I am panicking.....................I wanted to decorate too before Christmas and have my ensuite 'fitted' out but really it's too much now before Christmas will have to be done in the New Year.

All this for two or three days, how stupid are we all.

Although I do like Christmas.

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