Sunday, 23 February 2014

Sunday again already

reading 'The Secret' - it is helping me - I feel happier and more in tune with the household again - and work etc.  It's gotta be good.

Stampin up goodies arrived - however I have managed without the simply scored board before I do not know and want t shout it from the rooftops - WELL ok that is a bit over the top but I am well pleased with it - the flower stamps and punch are lovely too.  Going to order the envelope maker and punch board from SU this week when I get paid.

the pansy punch -

The pansy flower stamps - gorgeous
AND the score board which I have found fantastic too.
Good weekend.  Going out walking now.  Back at Sliming World on Tuesday - so must do a bit to try and get a couple of pounds off before then - fingers crossed.

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