Friday, 12 June 2015

Updating - 12.6.15 - 2nd day annual leave

probably loads that I should update .................. but I won't because I really can't remember what has been going on.

I had nearly 5 weeks off with another chest infection - probably had 5 chest/throat - viral infections since Christmas - so fed up coughing.  Have had probably at the most 3 weeks of no coughing and it all started again - I am still coughing but not as badly - feel tired and worn out with it all - but certainly not as bad as I was.  Just hoping it really isn't anything serious. 

I have however, lost all taste and smell - all my beautiful perfumes I cannot smell a thing - all those lovely aromas from food - cannot smell - cannot taste my dinners, but I would gladly give taste and smell if I could just get rid of the cough.

ANYHOO  -  also had my bad thumb again - and so whilst off I went and had another cortisone injection into it - it didn't work as well as the first time I had it done and don't really like the 2nd physiotherapist - but it's now 4 weeks later and it seems that my thumb has responded somewhat - it still clicks first thing in the morning - but it isn't painful.  On light duties again at work - hate just doing the requesting - have been told by Occy health that I should not be doing any pulling.  BUT that means I cannot do the job fully.

& so to a meeting with Boss lady and supervisor and HR lady yesterday.  they tell me I am a great working, I work hard and get on with work, thank me also for going into work whilst my thumb was bad albeit on lighter duties - I had also asked to drop my hours and a day at work to help me cope better at work and home etc - but that was point blank refused.

Then came the BUT - I can't remain on lighter duties indefinitely and therefore in 6 weeks time I may find that I may be redeployed or pensioned off through ill health - the latter is probably not an option as you have to be really ill for that to happen and lets face it I only have a bad thumb.  So I don't know what is going to happen.

Might even apply to Morrisons and Wilkos for a part time job - and YES I am serious.  I don't feel I want to be written off yet at just (nearly) 60 years old.

so that's it - lets see what happens in 6 weeks - I'm hoping I can keep my job - not happy I can't reduce my hours and days - but it's a job which brings me in £800 a month, pays for my car and would save us having to drawer money out from pensions.  It's a difficult time.


& so on to Benny beautiful wonderful doggie.  I love him to bits and he's really filled a hole in my life bless him.  However, when we first had him and he was chewing the table legs and growling at us and barking all the time downstairs and outside I thought OMGoodness what have we done, he's definitely settled down well, but he's such a frightened dog and doesn't really like walkies because he's frightened of other dogs and people.


Have had troubles with new neighbours - all and sundry parking their cars on our driveway - it's rented next door cheeky bastards.  Police were called because we've had some REALLY rude people calling there - hope that settles down somewhat.


Korin finished work for BT - sad - but it wasn't good for her.  Keirs got  promotion - I'm real proud.  Just hope it's a good job and he's not too bored sitting at a computer all day long, but better than walking around a warehouse for 10 hours a day.  I am worried about his weight loss though.


AND now I'm holiday until the end of June - thank God for that !  Will try and remember to update my holiday 17 days on here - but no doubt will forget again.

My gorgeous Benny Boy

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