Monday, 27 July 2015

more exciting news - well

I have restarted my reflexology business !  been hard work over the last 3 weeks decorating the downstairs loo - tidying out my old treatment room which had become a complete dumping ground.  everything now shoved into keys room top floor which will be tidied up and thinned out - I am sure I won't need half the stuff that is in there - plus other stuff that we've tidied out for Keir and Alison going next week.  I will miss them.  Won't miss Keirs moods, but will miss them non the less.

So today was my first new customer new room etc, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

heres my new tee-shirt and will get another few different logo's and my phone number on the back like 20 years ago when I first started, I had people ring me and say I took your number off the back of your tee shirt !

still got to paint the wall lime green and put all my certificates up.

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