Saturday, 19 December 2015

19th December - blimey that's come around so quickly

Slimming world today and I lost another 2lb's - not on track for 4lb's off for Christmas but may lose another 2lb's this week which would bring me almost to my Christmas target. but I am 11.12 under 12 stones and feeling so much better.

Plus I had a good result (I think) (got to get it checked at the doctors after Christmas) - blood results came back as 'negative no further action' - thinking that maybe the tablets have leveled my blood sugars ???  that that and over a stone lighter have leveled my blood sugars, that those two factors AND not eating so much crap has helped to keep my blood sugars level - now that would be wonderful.

my aim is to lower the medication with doctors permission within the next couple of months, to lose another stone within 4 months (April 2016) and continue with a more stable diet and exercise regime.  I will do this.

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