Monday, 24 October 2016


Keirs house - ??? - lots of question marks.  supposed to be leaving - moving out of the rented place on 28th - that aint gonna happen, or it will happen and they will have to move here ! (but since all this worry over the last week the landlord has extended the tenancy by two weeks) thank goodness, and the house will be 'signed for' on Thursday this week.

Last thursday at work Keir was accused of stealing -  another OMG that WOULD never happen, he would NEVER steal, I know my son.  it was a mix up - and the head of security apologised on the Friday and hopefully everything is OK.  he has a new job - that is marvellous but you wonder what the next 'worry' is going to be.

We went to Merry Hill to get Keir his birthday present, we paid for Santa Pod tickets already £55 and bought him a hoody £50 - and we shall take him and Ali for a meal for his birthday if he wants to go - and then we have the deposit on the house to pay for him and Ali - I think enough is enough and now we have to close the bank of mom and dad - no more borrowing - no more giving money away.

I love my kids but enough is enough.

then finally I got my wardrobes erected today - the bank of wardrobes are mahoosive and lovely and so beautifully spacious and really well constructed and sturdy (apart from the back panels( which I wasn't happy about but in the shop the wardrobe was completely up against the wall, mine has the skirting board in front of it - so obviously there is movement.  Either way I love the wardrobes and I have loads and loads and loads of clothes in there that I cannot wear because I am too big - I need to lose a stone and so the challenge is on to lose a stone for Christmas 7 weeks and counting - and i would be able to wear a lot of those clothes hanging in my nice new wardrobes.  There it is then, in a nutshell.  I won't return to class but I will go back on SW at home and lose this bloody weight once and for all.

Was off sick last Friday and Annual Leave today (monday) that didn't look good did it !!!!  either way it's been a nice long weekend and i REALLY DO NOT WANT TO GO BACK TO WORK TOMORROW ESPECIALLY AS MY 'OTHER HALF' AT WORK HAS TOLD ME WE ARE ON SCANNING - BORING BORING BORING.

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