Tuesday, 29 November 2016

nearly the end of November - Christmas here we come

I have very little enthusiasm for Christmas this year.  Sad to say.

But the good news is that Kier and Alison have moved into their little house -and they've got it looking like home within a few days - fantastic.  Only problem is that they needed to borrow a further £1300 to get in there and although we let them have the money it's been difficult for us as we have spent such a lot of money this year on various things and our bank balances are very low.  So New Year we will have to tighten our belts.

I am so happy they are happy though

My poor daughter is having difficulties with 'so called friends' - friends that only really want her when they NEED her and when she needs people they don't want to know.

I really wish you could go and buy best friends from best friends shops.  I'd probably buy myself a couple at the same time.

my reflexology has gone down the pan again as my thumb was so bad, although I haven't piled on the pounds and have remained the same my shape has changed drastically and my stomach seems huge.

I feel tired every day....................hopefully just a blip in my diabetes, maybe.......hopefully nothing else.  I feel sad too.....................maybe because I am home by 12.30 pm and really have nothing to do in the afternoons apart from housework, I really need to get some decorating done again, i kinda gone off it after the wardrobes were fitted in my bedroom and the ensuite was finally finished.

AND I have lost my best friend ??????  in another post i will explain.

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