Thursday, 2 February 2017

There is a glimmer of hope

this Cameron Clark at the housing association has come back to Koz and said they can meet up on Monday to discuss these 2 bed properties - hopefully with a view to putting a reservation fee down ?  fingers, toes and everything else crossed, but he is so bad at coming back to her emails and she doesn't know what time on monday and needs to tell work what time she is off - so yet another email to him - hopeless !!  BUT he will be her best friend in the whole world IF he does offer her a property, its awful being under someone elses control, he decides if she gets, and i really really hope she does get - so uptight tonight......................

dont they just look beautiful, she would be in her element in one of these little happy houses.  Please Cameron cut her the slack she needs to get her own home.

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