Tuesday, 11 July 2017

and more crafting twinchie swap with Wanda Nederlands

Washi tape backgrounds with embellishments on top - think I shall have a break for a while now from making inchies, rinchies and more although just joined a new American group, but that will be swapping what I see before I swap.  I love the Nederlands group and the ladies in it, but because the hosts have to pay for postage to England I seem to get the lightest, thinnest, flimsiest inchies and rinchies back, rarely do I get really decent ones back these days.  I have offered a number of times to pay for postage - send them 20 Euros but they refuse.  So I may have a little break, although then I feel I want to do them again and making them is far nicer than receiving them in my book anyway.

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