Thursday, 31 August 2017

Where do all these days go to ?

so frightening the speed of knots (spelling?) how quickly the days turn into weeks and the weeks into months and years ................... this is 1st September and SO the run up to Christmas really.  I never used to think about Christmas until after Keirs Birthday but as he's older now and not REALLY my responsibility then I don't think about it.  ALTHOUGH my little boy (tongue in cheek) is 30 this year, my oh my, that little beautiful boy of mine is a big chap - 6' tall and a daddy to baby Luna.

I worry about him and Alison, they argue, I want them to be happy, pressures of life and money and time - time is a dreadful thing, it all goes by too quickly.

Baby Luna is just THE best thing on this planet, she's grizzly a bit - but mostly a happy child and so so cute and she knows it.  Love her with my whole being.

I might be getting a new car - I just don't know what to do - I have to get it MOT'd if I don't change my car and I will lose another thousand pounds on it if I leave it until the 3.5 years is up (next March)that has also gone exceptionally quick.   Looking at a Kia Rio AGAIN, do I really want the hasstle of going for a test drive, feel a bit rail roaded into it again.  I can always say no.

Well it's nearly time to get ready for work again, doing two days later part of the week I am not enjoying.  I never enjoyed work anyway, suppose two days is better than every morning for 3 hours but at least then by Friday lunch time I was home to get eerything done.  TI:RED AND WORN OUT really.

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