Sunday, 12 June 2011

I have a pad at the side of my scrapping desk

I have a pad at the side of my scrapping desk. It not only keeps ideas to the forfront of my mind, but it also always has a list of things that I need to do for myself, my reflexology customers, my kids, my husband, work, shopping stuff that I mustn't forget, and finishing 'scrapping projects' for people I have promised to do special cards for or exploding boxes etc.

Over the last number of weeks this list has been endless - and quite overwhelming - even up until yesterday the list had 'new battery for DD's car', go collect a parcel from a friends house, drop off my sisters Birthday card, go see my new born niece, take DD to work & collect DD from work and today I HAVE NOTHING ON MY LIST AT ALL TO DO OR HAVE TO THINK ABOUT AT ALL !

I think I might spend a couple of hours whilst DH is fishing to do a bit of crafting before I have to start the dinner.

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