Saturday, 24 September 2011

Olivia came to stay for the weekend

Plants are dying in the garden - winter is on it's way.

house is lovely n clean .......

Love the new 'top' floss - both top & head - highlights ! wow

My beautiful boy - Gunny Bunny

Melt art UTEE poured onto some embossing plates I bought - I thought they would frazzle and shrink as they are flimsy plastic but NO they can be used over and over - I hope. Will need to alcohol ink these though

A background for an ATC on the trail on UKS - metal embossed. Scrumptious eh !

A few new craft items to have a play with - IF I get any time that is !

the view from my window today - pleasant sunny day too.

more of my kitty pic's

Keir bit his tongue badly - ouch !

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