Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Have been really rough -

with my back .............. feeling really down too, because of work, reckon it'll be me that is made redundant next february - everyone else has been in NHS for a lot longer than me ! OK I know i've moaned on at how boring the job is - it IS exceptionally boring, but I so enjoyed clinic prep and that has all been taken from me. Now I have a bad back to contend with, stretching and bending and carrying loads of files etc - I really don't know how I shall do it.

Tired and worn out and fed up - hope this interview goes well and I get the job. Massive good luck vibes to myself and fingers crossed a million times too. IF only boss lady had told M that is wasn't fair to shove me back in MR - but that would never happen for me.

Back at work tomorrow - and back is much improved (thankfully) - but dreading going in. I never take time off work but even when sick you feel guilty about not being there.

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