Friday, 4 November 2011

What a difference a week makes.

It has been awful at work - M decided that she was going back into her office and so I had to return to MR - I know that M did this out of spite because I had the nerve to complain to the boss that she was bossing me around - well Iwasn't going to stand for it ! BUT then she decides also to say that I had been 'talking' behind her back, this is untrue - and the whole week just went from bad to worse. To make matters worse last night my bottom back/right leg was in spasm (I think because of all the stress) and got up this morning, didn't sleep well and pain pain pain. Took painkillers but decided to stay at home................I really couldn't have made it in today and done stretching and bending and the like at work. So ............... I felt terrible not going in because it now looks like I didn't go in because of the troubles at work. But hey ho - yet another bloody week in the birch household.

Having said all this - our redundancies at work have been put off - really - until next february - so that was a bit of a bonus - PLUS K has had mega troubles at work, but that has eased a bit towards the end of the week - and good news is that we found out that K's pension is worth a lot lot more than we could have imagined - and we shall draw some money down to put in the bank for a rainy day - or the day we really need it. It will mean that we can have a bit of a better christmas and have my garden done at the front to make it look nicer for christmas and have a new TV for Christmas as our pressie. GIVING the kids a thousand pounds each too.

AND I got an interview for 21st of the month - it seems like a really interesting job - hope so anyway, and hope I get it to get away from this place and the threat of redundancy. It is full time though, but I would give my reflexology up and just do that and have each evening to myself, that would be kinda nice after 14 years of doing evenings.

This week has been quite eventful - stressful - exhausting - sad - upsetting - anxious - but has turned out quite OK. Fingers crossed that things continue on OK as we never seem to make those two steps forward and stay FORWARD......................

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