Saturday, 23 June 2012

A little bit of crafting

An ATC - for no particular reason, just fancied doing one tonight. AND part of a journal page - loved the early 60's styles.


  1. Sorry to post this message here, but there wasn't and email address attached to the comment you left on my blog, nor could I find one anywhere. I did want to answer your question. The lettering you are referring to is actually letters I cut out of newspapers and magazines. I love the ransom style lettering! Many thanks for stopping by my
    blog and for your kind words! All my best-

  2. I really like your atc, and it has great texture.

  3. Love the ATC-and you don't need a reason to do one!great journal page too-very true!

  4. Great pieces - mojo is clearly sticking around! :)