Thursday, 28 June 2012

Well, the last day has arrived

exactly one year ago the new trust took over our hospital - they said 'there will be abslutely no redundancies' - we knew there would be change. There have been redundancies withing other departments - all they did with us is break everyone up and distributed the staff throughout the three sites ! I'm not sad about that. I have worked for two years with a 'clique' of girls - who only looked out for each other, girls who have sat and had breakfasts together and got in late - leave early, done 'illegal' things - climbed on racking (against health and safety) abused the email, had fashion shows at work - sat for hours just talking - afternoons and MANY of them doing NOTHING at all and because I refused POINT BLANK to get involved, against my principles to be lazy/take an employer for a fool basically - I have been the outsider almost from day one. I will not be sad to see them go - I am kinda dreading the new regime as it will mean we all have to work harder than ever before - I HAVE ALWAYS worked my backside off at work - now I will have to work it even harder - BUT the clique is no more - and I'm happy about that.

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