Thursday, 14 April 2016

craft room move - a little bit further further

but then my bedroom and other rooms are getting into a worse mess too - remind me why i started this

doesn't look that messy from this pic but it really is quite messy

the other side stuff all along the floor 


half way through moving stuff off my craft desk dusting it down - really was quite disgusting 

Moving up here - going to be tight but I can get my bedroom looking like a bedroom again - all those boxes were previously on a 6' bookcase - but is tidy enough up this corner - must keep it that way

New unit i bought previously had a 6' tall bookcase - have had to downsize my stuff quite considerably

this is where my desk will go - I hope IF I have measured it properly - could have done with decorating the wall too but haven't got the time - and that black mark will be obscured when the desk is in place, plus the rest of the room is quite clean and tidy 

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