Saturday, 24 September 2016

Another hectic Saturday

and I ache all over ................... the vinyl finally put down in the en-suite - 12 months ago we had that leak and it ruined the old vinyl.  We have done so much in the house over the last few months, I say 'we' that is the Royal we because it really is me that does everything - or arranges for men to come in and do the work etc.  Nightmare really as I would love some help.  Finding things difficult recently, and as I said today I ache all over after dismantling the bed to clean underneath as my bed is so heavy it is difficult to move much easier to dismantle it and put it back together again;  ha ha 'she says'.

Tomorrow ordering the mosaic tiles for the splash back in the kitchen as its not tiled and has marked badly with cooking etc.................something else that I have to sort but at least Key will have to tile I don't think I could do that.

Still waiting on the wardrobes.....................and still have the en-suite to emulsion and decorate the half bedroom where the wardrobes are going.  Have to do things bit by bit these days.  Wish I had the energy to do it all - and do as much as I used to do.  Even when I have booked days off work to do decorating I don't have the energy to decorate all day.  Ah well, such is life.

Love the floor but still got to paint the wall.

how beautiful are these mosaics 

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