Sunday, 11 September 2016


you do not realise when you get older how much 'work' takes it out of you.  So I tied myself in knots trying to get in my little en-suite to decorate (gloss paint) all around the woodwork and under the sink etc, my goodness last night and this morning i really ached.

then today had the vinyl man come to quote as the floor (after the leak) drove me mad for the last 6 months - can't wait until it's all done, going to give it a real blast this week to get everything finished before the vinyl fitting on Saturday - I hope.

Then me and Korin went to Argos to get her a new mattress - one of these that folds into my small car - you unwrap it and it springs to life as it's a foam one - very comfortable but don't know if it will last very long.

Then we went to the baby scan to find our FIRST grandchild will be a girl.  I pray things are OK and they move into their new little house and have a wonderful family life together.

Then we went to the Harvester for a meal - my goodness I was almost knackered by then.

THEN we went to mothercare and we (Key and I) bought them the bedroom furniture for the nursery, beautiful items - which I hope they appreciate.  Well Keir rang and said thank you - we can't keep doing this though - we aren't a bottomless pit of money.

Then I had to come home and walk dog.  Cook for Key, Morrisons order and finally relax.

knackered as the heading says.

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