Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Back to work today

and I REALLY REALLY REALLY don't want to go, but hey ho have only worked 3 days in a month so I shouldn'[t grumble, problem is I hate it there, dislike a lot of the people and would rather be doing reflexology from my own home and not having to leave the dog for two whole days a week.  what a nightmare at 61 years old and soon, I think, i shall be having to look after Luna 3 days a week?  I don't know if they really want me to or whether Ali prefers her mom to look after her, I don't mind, so long as i see her regularly and she knows and loves me.

time marches on, I feel worn out and tired being up Korin's but now her dining table and chairs are almost erected, her bed is errected, her fridge freezer in situ and almost time for broadband - fingers crossed she hears today !

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