Monday, 31 March 2014

Monday morning.

Not looking forward to work - prepping time cut from 87.5 hours to 82.5 hours and now with me and C just 52.5 hours - it is ridiculous.

Korin started her earlies I felt so sorry for her getting up at 4 am...............but hope it's better for her.

I had a treatment and thought I wouldn't be able to go food shopping - being mothers day yesterday I didn't do much at all over the weekend - which was nice - relaxing and enjoyable - so had a food shop to do today.  Anyway treatment cancelled - so going to ring about son and 'My Car' and then go food shopping before work.

Talking of mothers day, had some nice pressies - two books, £10 cash, a little teddy, a purse and a pot plant.  AND Korin took me to Costa Coffee for a breakfast muffin and a big bowl of tea - SUPER.

I loved this mural on the wall of Costa - so I've printed it off and will use it as a background on a layout of my Mothers Day yesterday.

Horrible picture of me - but the best picture I have had taken in a long time ! 

The start of our breakfast at Costa - I actually had a granola slice - so fattening but so moist and juicy - loved it - and considering I supposed to be on a diet - again again again.

Korin HATES her photo taken and just about let me take this one.
All in all it was a lovely day, would have been even better though IF my dog was still with me - but Korin and I went for a walk up the golf course and the weather was beautiful.

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