Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Feeling very sad today

The daffodils are sprouting up !  sprouting through?  coming through, whatever way you want to say it - on the main road there is a very large area where the council have planted daffodils = hundreds of them.  I used to walk my wonderful friend 'Gunner' there since we moved here 4.5 years ago.  This time last year every time I walked him through the daffodils I thought 'I don't think you will be with me this time next year matey' - and every couple of days whilst the daffodils were here I thought - I must bring my camera and take a picture of my boy in the daffodils, because I kinda knew he wouldn't be with me this year.  Well, he isn't with me, he died last July.  We had to have him put to sleep because he was very old and very poorly and it still breaks my heart to think about him. 

Tonight when I came past the main road and it wasn't dark and all the heads of the daffodils have come through and I thought about my wonderful dog.....................I wish I'd taken that photo Gunner, more than anything else I wish you were still with me.  I miss you every day. 

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