Sunday, 23 March 2014

where do the weeks go ?

Korin off to Amsterdam this week - I am worried to death as she's driving to Leeds then meeting mate and going by train to Hull then a ferry to Amsterdam - overnight on the Ferry - I will be sick with worry all the time she is away....................I know its stupid but she's not well travelled and I know it panics her too to travel, so I try and keep calm so as not to heighten her panic - if you know what I mean.

oh bless, I found this pic of when she was a baby - she's only a few weeks old here, such a tiny dot.  AND hubby with beautiful auburn hair, can't remember when he turned white headed but it wasn't long after this - maybe it was me = ha ha .

off to look at two cars today - Key wants the Qashqai - I fancy the Mercedes - but as he will be driving it most of the time - then I suppose I should let him go with what he needs to be comfortable.

we are grateful that we have a choice of either and lucky also..........thank you to 'the secret'.

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