Friday, 1 January 2016


Well I sincerely hope it is................time flies by so quickly and in 11 days time - well 10 days time I shall be  60 I cannot believe it really, it's gone by so quickly.

We went for a meal at The Albert = it was a good meal and we will go again for my birthday as it was so nice.  Got to book up.  We are then thinking of going away for a weekend early February (waiting for all the rain and floods everywhere to die down a bit) - fell like going to Stonehenge to have a nosey and staying for a couple of nights.  And I have asked for a proper good leather coat - but I will have to try it on and choose it for myself.

AND because I reckon I shall be 5lb's heavier over Christmas I really want to be 'at least' 10lb's down before I buy it and buy one that is just slightly tight on me so when I lose a further few pounds it won#t look too big.  Thats a plan, hope it comes together.

But finally I have had a photo taken that doesn't make me look too bad as a 60 year old.

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