Sunday, 15 May 2016

Down in the dumps kinda weekend

I bought Curtains for the lounge and do not like them - I realy should take them back down and take them back to the shop I bought them from as there is a pull in one curtain which is very noticeable when the sun shines through but I changed the curtains over and the pull is now behind the TV so it's not noticeable, is it because I know it is there - or is it because I just dont like the curtains - I do not know - I think it could be that they are so plain in comparison to my normal choice - usually have flowers or stripes or darker colours for the winter etc - I just don't know what to do don't feel i have the energy to take the curtains down agian - I might go rescue the plastic bag they were from etc and then take them down next weekend, but I need curtains because of the dog - all a worry really, supposed could go to dunelm mill next weekend and buy more curtains before taking these down and taking them back,  what a dilema.

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