Monday, 30 May 2016

Bank Holiday Weekend again

nice 3 day weekend.

did a bit of crafting - finished the twinchies for the houses swap with Anky .............. Had a family BBQ on Saturday night and it was a good night everyone was happy.  Sunday got up to date with shopping and washing and houework and a bit more crafting ............... watched a film with Key

it was good - had a lie in til 9 am !  Key worked though.  Bank Holiday Monday had every intention of going to Weston Park again - I think I have said that for the last 4 - maybe 5 bank holidays and we never get there.  BUT it would mean 3-5 house away from Benny again and maybe £25 to go in and see around the house and there was a Food fesitval/market on meant eating too too much again and already struggling to lose a few pounds before we go away in a fortnights time.  Soooooooooooo decided to walk Benny in Dosthill park and he LOVED it !  got in and out and in and out the car easily and it was an enjoyable experience for everyone, well me and Korin as Key went fishing or NOT as the case may be, forgot it was the BOWER weekend at Lichfield so he had no where to park for Stowe Pool and then he drove back to Tamworth and didn't like the two places where he could fish - so he needs to go fishing next Sunday on his day off lets pray for better weather then, the sunday after we go on our holidays.  Looking forward to that,  I really am.

Benny in the car today, he was such a good boy !

A picture I bought from Argos for my craft room, it's like a 'scrapped' picture so it was ideal for the wall in there ........

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