Sunday, 22 January 2017

What a Saturday

10 am in to town to get leahs birthday presents and pop to i fancy one with korin.#
11 am to the house for korin to view - she loves it - but not a nice estate agent and trying to pull a fast one with regards to getting her to have  mortgage through them.  really annoyed with him we shall see she has offered 72.500 for her share of 50 %
12 noon was back into town for Korin to have her nails done, I had to go with her well take her because she was so drunk the night before I don;t think the alcohol would have left her system.
1 pm - well 1.30 pm we got to Keir and Alis baby shower.  It wasn't a rip roaring time but Alis mates had done her proud and she had lots of presents and they loved the rocking chair.
Home at 4 pm.
Knackered.  We were invited to Alis sisters birthday party on the night but it was a 21st and me and Key are just not into that kinda scene these days.  By all accounts not many people went, which was a shame and I hate letting people down but if we had gone it would have only been for an hour o wasn't really worth getting dressed up for.

Went to Keirs today key to help get the huge wardrobe down and to the tip - and I went to see the presents Alison had of her mates and beautiful csrds - she did really well.

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