Sunday, 1 January 2017

Happy New Year

Boring Boring Boring bloody New Years Eve.  I took korin in to town and half expected to pick her up as taxis are tripple time after 12 midnight.  but he got a lift home.  me and key sat up til early hours as we were so acidy after an indian takeaway, it was nice, but with all the excesses, i felt so sick and bad and didn't get to sleep until around 4.30 am.  Got up at 9 am so tired tonight, but it's already nearly 2nd January, time whizzes by.  and in 9 days time i shall be 61 years old.  Fucking hell.

We me key and korin going out for breakfast in the morning.................then i shall come home and get clothes ready for work on Tuesday and for key nd korin will do her own.  i shall tidy the house, walk the dog, do  bit of shopping and it will then be back to the same old same old boring day by day we know and love. - well, we know.  New people starting at work on 3rd january, well a girl i already know Helen, she;'s a nice kid but she talks so quietly and does my head in having to keep asking her 'sorry didnt catch what you said'/  hope not seeing her for 12 months she talks a bit better she may have come out f her shell a bit.

2017 I hope you are kind to us.  health wise, and the forthcoming event of Lunas birth, I love you already and i don't know you yet.  I just know you are going to be an amazing granddaughter and make me laugh and make me look forward to taking you out and showing you off to the world.  heres to you baby Luna Rose.

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