Friday, 14 April 2017

Good Friday

It was a Good Friday ......  Good Friday

Went to The Range to buy korin a stoneware pan, the kind that you don't need any oil in it, and as they were half price bought two as we needed a new stir fry pan, maybe i shall start to lose some weight now?

then to her house, we still haven't heard if she has a mortgage - GOD FORBID give the girl a break please and let he know she has the mortgage, as they have done the Valuation it is probable that she does have the mortgage, but we take nothing for granted as we have had just one knock back after another since January 7th or thereabouts.  But they have done the pavements and her car parking spaces now so the house must be very close to completion.  Can't wait to hear if she has a mortgage AND finally have  a look around the house, if she gets to look around her house, we don't know if any carpets or flooring or tiles or whatever is included yet - hopefully she will have carpets and fencing and grass in the back garden too !

my husband was talkative !!! at the restaurant - Christophers Tamworth, it was a lovely meal, but very bloated.  came home to have an hour kip as i felt so bloated and tired.

and then we went to Keirs to see them and the beautiful Luna darling.  I love that baby so so much, she is so aware now and smiling 

and then we went to the Garrick Theatre in lichfield to see a Farce called 'Haywire'  Key was asleep from the moment the actors arrived in the Studio and snored a little and my stomach was hurting and rumbling because of the huge meal at lunch time and so at the interval we came home, I would liked to have seen the rest of it but sadly I daren't have risked my stomach any longer and Key snoring any more all the way throughl.


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