Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Kinda good news

I've been asked to change my days at work to Thursdays and Fridays - all day both days - but that means I have 5 whole days off to do what I want when I want - kinda happy about it as i really wanted to do 3 days at 5 hours a day initially, but they wanted me to do my 15 hours over 5 days so this is a bit of a turnaround, I know I am only doing it to help them out - but really with 5 days I can take Benny out early and get housework done by lunch time and craft more maybe and return to Slimming World and do a couple of reflexology treatments earlier in the day  Fingers crossed it all works out OK.

I may have to work 8.5 hours each day though to come home at lunch time to see to the dog and cats, but we'll see.

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