Thursday, 20 April 2017

Thursday 20th April, 2017 - STILL WAITING - annual leave today

But the good news is that the valuation has passed - so another hurdle over...............suppose to have an update tomorrow.  What that means ????  is it to say that she has the mortgage or just updated to say that it has gone to the underwriters.  Korin supposed to move in on 1st May !!  that is not going to happen, her solicitor is now on holiday until middle may !  there is a stand in - but these are the solicitors that were VERY slow when they acted for Keirs house.  I am praying that tomorrow it is going to be a big fat YES !  if it is we can go and get a bit of shopping - all the little nik naks that you need in a home.  Love her little house - IF it is her little house.

Had annual leave today just to get my head less stressed really !  did have a little play with crafting, stuff I did I wasn't really happy with.  must get my room tidied up can't stand the mess at the moment.

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