Saturday, 9 December 2017

Well I am chuffed to bits

was hoping for a 2lb lost this week at Slimming World, only managed 1.5lb's BUT with 1.5lb's at home the first week in just about 6 weeks I have lost da da daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

                              11.5 lb's

so just 2.5lb's to a stone for Christmas, although I would prefer to be exactly a stone light at group for Christmas and get my certificate - I will not over indulge at Christmas either.  I'm not going to be exceptional (never can anyway) but I am not going to gorge myself on mince pies and cake and custard etc.

On Tuesday this week I have my blood tests at the doctors to establish if I have managed to get my points down with regard to my diabetes.  FINGERS CROSSED - I hope I have and IF I haven't there is nothing more I could have done to help those points.  I have lost weight, I have been exercising as IF it is going out of fashion, walking more, even jogging around whilst drying my hair !  Obviously watching what I have been eating AND hardly any chocolate or biscuits or cakes.  I have had the odd one.  I hope above all hope I have brought my points down because IF I haven't I think I might cave in and just go back to old habits.  I hope not.  I have had to alter a lot of my clothes from size 18 to 16's again - can't alter them back !!!  Crossing everything that I have improved my health.

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