Sunday, 17 June 2018

20 days off ....

was sick with flu type bug from work Friday 8th June, then Sunday in Weston Super Mare 10th June then further down to Dawlish Warren 11th June to 15th June, stayed in the most wonderful accommodation - a Lodge with a roof top terrace and an all round terrace/decking and a hot tub, only went in once too hot for me.  ha ha

Went with Keir and Alison and Baby luna, wish Korin could have come but alas she couldn't she did stay at home to look after the dog and cats (and Keirs cat too). 

We had a wonderful holiday, went to Powderham Castle, Weston Supermare, Dawlish Warren, Teignmouth, the Otter sanctuary and Butterfly farm, Great Wester Railway - the entertainment on site was rubbish, but the actual site was brilliant, food was good, we ate and ate and I came back at 6 - 7lb's heavier - OMG, but after I took my medication for my bowel, and actually went to the loo for the first time in over a week - I was down to just 3lb's gain, STILL not happy with that gain, but I can get if off again. 

Dads day today and took Keir and Ali and baby luna and Korin to Planters for lunch, it was OK, and bought Korin a two seater garden swing - as a thank you for doing what she did last week for Benny and the cats.

We treated Keir and Ali to the holiday - so they shouldn't grumble.

Have got luna for 3 days !  Had her overnight last night too so Keir and Ali could go out drinking, so I've certainly done my bit.

Keys in the shop for two days = tomorrow and Tuesday and is off Wednesday, Thursday, Friday - so we MUST do something.

Planning Drayton Manor on Tuesday as Korin is off and we are taking baby luna.

may go to Stratford upon Avon or maybe just Ashbourne for the day Thursday.

Have had chance to craft too. 

Feeling relaxed, really don't want to return to work  Korin goes back tomorrow and Keir and Alison too. poor buggers.  If only I could win the lottery.  That would be wonderful.  A nice big amount to buy their houses for them, and give them enough to live on for a couple years without having to work.  We can but dream eh.

And so pictures, bit mixed up and not everything that was taken.  Just a bit of a mix and match x x x


And this one will always be known as the Hot Tub Face - the reason I am scowling is because the water was so bloody hot !

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