Friday, 6 April 2012

Voluntary redundancy requests

So we still don't know who will be made redundant, who is being shifted off to Queens hospital and who will be left behind in the present jobs ! Its such a worry. Day before Yesterday an email from Chief Exec saying that no one in medical records were losing their jobs and that there was 7 vacancies at Queens to be filled. In other words the unlucky seven would be shipped off to Queens to work. This would mean (as I know it would be me) - 580 miles travelling per month extra !!!! around £80 in petrol extra a month !!!! and an extra 4 hours per week - approx 15 hours a month extra out of the house !!!!!! I have just cut down £100 per month by reducing my hours and now this ! What a nightmare. BUT according to the email we would all have jobs. Yesterday got to work and apparently Charlotte who is already working at Queens for a month has contacted those in our office and said that it is all a big cover up and that there are about 5 redundancies, and not necessarily so that you will be shipped to Queens and no ones job is safe...................... WHAT IS GOING ON. Theresa in our office gets on her high horse and demands an audience with the boss - in somes ways - this is good as it does turn out that the figures are wrong - that there are to be approx 4 redundancies and there are only 6 jobs available at Queens and that we all have to apply for them ourselves. IF Gwen has anything to do with the making of people redundant - I know that I shall be on the list as she doesn't like me and has blocked everything I have ever asked to do, including just a couple of weeks ago telling Charlotte that the job in clinic prep was permanent and then telling me it wasn't.............someone was lying and how Charlotte got really angry and upset about it makes me feel it was Gwen that was lying to me. All I know is that someone was lying to me and Gwen didn't reassure me it wasn't her. So yesterday we have an email to say that HR & Chief Exec need voluntary redundancy requests and that refusal of same wouldn't be open to discussion ! They have already said that people with lengthy terms in posts wouldn't be considered as they will be too costly to pay redundancy to - so people like me who have virtually no time scale in the NHS are easier to pay off. They are offering one months pay per one full year you have been with NHS - so that would mean I would get 3 months pay. IF I don't go for voluntary redundancy and then made redundant anyway I will only get one week per year - 3 weeks pay. What a nightmare. Don't know what to do. Feel it will be me that will be made redundant. I will take it all further if I am anyway. But I just feel - take redundancy and hopefully find something else.

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