Saturday, 28 April 2012

that was the week that was ........

Saturday again already
a birthday card for Christina - my step mum in law. very similar to last year, but I aint no good at making cards.
Happy Birthday for my hubby for last weekend - didn't upload any other pic's and deleted them by error - naughty me.
been playing with Inka gold paints - they're so scrumptious, but the other card I covered and then put embossing powder over all crumbled off - will try again with some gesso on card first - this one appears OK - hope it stands the test of time as I will be sending it out to someone in the trail no doubt - the embossing power is irridescent and so shiny and sparkly on top of the inka gold paints - well it's to die for - how sad am I eh ! 'smiley face'
you can see the irridescent shiny glow on this one
loving Broadband Infinity - so much faster than uploading pics previously. This is another shot to show how shiny these atc's turned out.
And I bought another memo block to alter for a friends birthday - it's not until August - but thought I'd get it done to save a mad rush when it comes to the day. Hope she'll like it.

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