Saturday, 5 May 2012

International Scrapbooking Day today

Didn't get an awful lot done, but had a very relaxing day - did make an ATC for Think Monday Think ATC - and did a couple of techniques - including triple embossing which I have never succeeded at previously - here it is
Bank holiday weekend. Been thinking about getting a caravan - all dependent on whether I have a job after Tuesday, Tuesday is our individual meetings so we can put our own cases forward as to why we don't want to go to Queens hospital or be made redundant ! - and then I believe we shall be told what is happening to us. Our boss is out on her ear - so to speak, don't know if she will be offered a sideways move into Queens ???? But she hasn't got the job she is currently doing as there was only one place for one manager and that manager is at Queens. IF they can do that to her they can do ANYTHING to us - it's a total nightmare, very scary. Just hope I still have a job and I can buy my little caravan and spend some long weekends down in Wales enjoy the peace and tranquility etc. BUT good things don't seem to happen to us anymore. Lets see what Tuesday brings.

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