Monday, 21 May 2012


Didn't expect to - but didn't get the job. Only applied to try and stay at either lich or tam - so now back in the same boat as everyone else wondering if I am going to be lucky enough to stay at lich or tam - if I'm at Bur think I might leave ???? desperately looking for a new job now. Michelle has team leader at our place - she will be vile to me I think - I speak as I find and I find her intimidating - although she doens't intimidate me, she TRIES to intimidate me. Fi sent over to Tam - thank goodness - she will be away from the clique in Lich.................PLUS she won't be able to pop out when she wants to in NHS time, sit and eat cooked breakfasts in NHS time, think she will have a bit more on her hands with the team over there - tee hee - they won't take no shit and sit and let her do nothing whilst they are all working around her. Loving it. Not loving Michelle but I think it was the better option than Fi. BUT we shall see, now I gotta go all out to get out.

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