Thursday, 10 May 2012

A lovely day !

Had today booked as an annual leave day as I had been invited to an interview at 1.30 - as it was a weekend job and they are basically saying that at work we won't be made redundant - but maybe moved - I thought I didnt want to risk a weekend job as me and hubby would NEVER see each kept today as annual leave - got up at 8 instead of 6 - took DS to college and took my time coming home, walked my dog, it's lovely and fresh out there - not at all cold, very mild and just about wanting to rain (whats new) but so far it hasn't's a lovely day. Relax relax now I'm thinking if I could arrange to work at Burton upon Trent but maybe 4 days a week and then I'd have 3 days each week to enjoy my life a bit more (maybe). PLUS had a lovely chap round to quote me on wardrobes for the 'dressing room' which is realy our spare room (4th bedroom)which we call the dressing room (trying to be posh here) - we have decided on :

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