Friday, 18 May 2012

Horrible VILE week at work

Still waiting to hear if we have jobs ! Interview Friday for the Team Leader posts. Fi was 'funny' with me Wednesday when I offered to go into clinic prep because poor bev was on her own. Thursday I find the stolen perfume in my locker ! Who has put that perfume in my locker. IF I ever find out I WILL take the law inbto my own hands, they will wish they NEVER messed with me. It upset me so much, RUINED my interview - which I think was the desired aim. Everyone at work is saying they don't believe for one minute that it was me but at the end of the day the perfume ENDED UP IN MY FUCKING LOCKER. Bastards. Have actually been sick - I think from stress. I wish I knew who it was, I would get the police involved.

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