Sunday, 22 September 2013

The Twinchie Journey.........

I have decided to join Holly in USA on a twinchie journey - hoping that we pick up quite a few people along the way - as it is her and her friend and now me !  -  so we need to 'spread the word'.  It's a journal post and two twinchies per week - I don't know IF I shall keep it up - I will try - but kinda looking forward to it.

This is the start - Week 1 (for me) - haven't even thought about the twinchies I shall create this week, but I shall just dip in and out and hopefully CREATE !

Added this picture which I took on our way to Weymouth in 2011 I believe.  I remember this being a particularly happy time in my life - I enjoyed the journey down and the holiday which was with my hubby and my son and his GF....................AND for once I took a 'half decent' photo.  Tee hee.  Will be back with my twinchies for 'happiness' - laters..............
' what makes me happy'
making art - messing around with inks and stamps and scissors and paper etc etc - heres my first twinchie for 'what makes me happy'
it's a twinchie bookmark - an owl my DD chose when we were in the Hobbycraft store earlier today, she loves owls.
Now going to make my 2nd twinchie for this week - but inspiration isn't flowing at the moment.
2nd Twinchie is a very basic one - a picture of my dog - my dog 'made' me very happy but unfortunately we had to have him put to sleep on 25th July this year.  I miss him every day, BUT thoughts of him and the things he did still makes me happy - although it's sad not having him here with me.


  1. Hi Gill, I think I want to go to Weymouth too, so beautiful!
    I love the twinchie with your dog on it, it's a lovely tribute to him.
    Hope to see much more of your twinchie journey,

  2. Thanks for linking my blog to yours. I got just a little side tracked with life in general and some last fall camping trips, but I hope to be back on track. Can't wait to share more twinchie art with you and all of your friends. I just shared a new blog post this morning, so don't forget to check it out. Have a great weekend.