Sunday, 29 September 2013

The Twinchie Journey - Week 2

A little journaling -

Todays post has to be about the 'fantastical' day we spent on Friday for my DD's graduation - thankfully I got the day off work which was a bit touch and go to be honest - and REALLY thought I would be rushing at the last minute from work to the Graduation Ceremony.  So a nice relaxing morning, Korin looked lovely in her ordinary clothes but looked brilliant in her 'cap n gown' it was quite emotional when she walked in - so grown up - and education finished (but that is another story !) not for today..................

It was held at St. Georges Park which is THE NATIONAL FOOTBALL ACADEMY - it was a beautiful building and grounds - the surroundings were so calming and relaxing, beautiful.  Then the ceremony itself was really lovely - I thoroughly enjoyed the award presentation to see all those young people (and a few older ones) collecting their certificate and these are our workers of the future - Korins tutor spoke so highly of them all and how creative people are what are needed for our futures and I found myself again holding back tears.

the venue :

So all in all it was a beautiful, happy day and a meal on the way home topped it all off very nicely.  Well done Korin we love you and always will and wish you EVERY successes for your future whatever you decide to do.  GOOD LUCK.

A couple of pictures :

Korin and her best mate Amy  

I absolutely HATE the picture of me though
& A couple of Twinchies (still need to be added) - as this post is about NEWNESS and STARTING I will base my Twinchies on that - but will have to go and have a think.........................upload later.
The Twinchies
Newness = Spring Flower

Newness = my new stamps arrived yesterday

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