Saturday, 14 December 2013

Christmas is Finally happening in our house

I normally put my Christmas tree up on 1st December but with hubby being poorly and so much going on with son and his breakup with long term girlfriend etc - I'm two weeks behind schedule.  Really ONLY have my cooker to clean now (defrosted my freezer last night) - GOT TO GET MY WASHING MACHINE repaired - nightmare - dirty washing everywhere and so fed up handwashing things......................anyway heres my tree, not as good a job as previous years I started off with very good intentions and got fed up half way through and ended up kinda throwing it all together in the end.  Never mind - it's up and that's the main thing 'smiley face'.

went with colourful again - next year will get loads of different colours to mix in with my mainly gold and red scheme and silver schemes from previous years.
this is 'Ivy cottage' in memory of my mom (Ivy) - it's a Lilliput lane cottage miniature I bought quite a few years ago.
New Santa Clause Baubles I bought this year thought they were rather cute.
loved these stars I bought a number of years ago
Had these bells x 2 for many years, I used to hang them by the fireplace at our old house either side bought for the kids - they used to ring them when they wanted me - Christmas was fun back then.
top right bauble is one of two I have remaining from my mothers Christmas tree, these baubles must be 50 years old I have left the cotton on that she strung on all those years ago - always brings tears to my eyes when I put these two baubles on my tree each year - and I was horrified when I dropped one of them this year but thankfully it didn't smash.  Loved you mom (& dad), wish you were here with us to have a really happy Christmas day - you were both such fun.
& our Angel who is probably 17 - 18 years old she's still shining bright even though she is a little musty.
AND sadly this year I put the tree up without MY BUNNY BOY being with me - my beautiful dog died in July and I still miss him every day and remembered last year when I was putting the tree up and he kept coming round me and I kept having to tell him to go lie down as he was getting in the way, HOW I WISH HE WAS GETTING IN THE WAY TODAY.  Merry Christmas Bunny Gunny, Merry Christmas to everyone - IF anyone reads my bloggy.

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  1. Wish you a merry christmas and hope to read from you next year.