Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Very emotional 10 days................

DS has split with his long term girlfriend. they were together for 5 years.............they helped each other through some very difficult times and I really thought they would be together forever.  We (hubby and I) had seen lots of cracks in the relationship over the last couple of years - the last 12 months maybe moreso............I never felt that his GF really liked us as a family but I am very sad that they have finished - she rang me and sounded so so sad on the phone, just wanting to tell me that we had been very kind to her.  I think she wanted me to say 'I'll tell him he's made a big mistake and MUST go back to you immediately' - but of course, I cannot do that.  I just wished her well.  She had said that she cannot get over the fact that she WILL NEVER SEE HIM AGAIN, and I suppose after 5 years of treating her more like a daughter than sons GF I feel the same about never seeing her again.

DS is with a new girl - and she is very nice - but I can't help but feel very sad for his ex because I know she loved/loves him still.

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