Thursday, 26 December 2013

Happy Christmas everbody ! Lovely Christmas Day

Spent a small fortune - but it was a lovely day - been a long time since we all had really decent presents - so it was nice...................we deserve to be treated and treat one another.

ring from Key, watch from Keir, bracelet from Korin
wowsers for my beautiful ring - he knows I love bling
and lucky me I also had a Pandora bracelet - with an extra charm
love it - and I had a gorgeous handbag which I'd seen ages ago and wanted - fortunately DD remembered and got it for DH  - plus Hobbycraft vouchers for £25 in total - and lots and lots of other things..................exceptionally lucky lady today.
Kozzies into bling and owls
glitter everywhere off this ipone purse case - I love it - bought for DD
she also had a iphone docking station - which is brilliant.
AND a new Jacket and New boots - storage boxes for her bedroom and a throw for the bed and quite a few other things too - she's a lucky girl
hubby was very happy with his 'Samsung Tablet' - and tablet case and slippers and aftershave etc.
AS I said we have all done exceptionally well this year - very happy indeed all of us.

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