Tuesday, 31 December 2013

New Years Eve - how quickly that has come around again.

End of 2013 and it's NOT been a marvellous year - although I thought I was diabetic AGAIN and haven't been - so that's good.

Hubby was told he had had a heart attack - he hadn't - so that was good.

Keir split with O - wasn't good - but is with A and is happy(ish) so that is good.

I wish My DD could find someone nice to be happy with - someone to make her laugh and look after her - shower her with gifts like she always does to her boyfriends.................but generally someone who will treat her well and love her.

I hope work is good for hubby.  BUT above all hope the shop takes off like it initially started out in 2007 pre recession..................it is looking promising.

I hope my work continues to improve and I don't feel so panicky about it all the time.  However it is 90% better than it ever was at SJH.

My hopes for 2014...............that we ALL have a happy and above all Healthy Year.

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