Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Jackie at work's daughter is coming home from hospital.

the girl who was almost murdered in her bed by her ex - stabbed something like 13 - 17 times whilst her little boy slept at her side - AWFUL - anyway, she has become wheelchair bound, but is coming home in the next few days.  The girls at work thought it would be nice to get her a card, but they can't seem to find a card which says 'welcome home' - so they asked if I could make one. 

I must admit that I haven't been crafting much of late - and the last 12 months has been mainly inchies and any birthday cards  - although deemed unthinkable - have been bought ones over the last year for family and friends.

AND................although I feel exceptionally sorry for the poor girl who ended up in a wheelchair AND feel sorry for her mum whom I work with - THIS woman tried very hard when I first started working there to make things VERY difficult for me - well, not tried, she did and I don't particularly like her. 

HOWEVER, I relented and said I would make a card.  BUT where to begin after such a long time not making cards or scrap-albums etc ?????  -  then I remembered the card in a box - so had a go and this is what I came up with.

I still don't know if I like it but I tried my best and if they don't like it it can go in the bin and they can go buy a card.
Everything said...................I still feel exceptionally sorry for the girl and I sincerely hope that she does get to walk again after intense physio - but it's doubtful.

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