Monday, 25 August 2014

OMGoodness - AGAIN - 7 hour round trip to Leeds Festival to collect DD

didn't have any brekkie - ended up having a flap jack on the motorway Costa - it was delicious but planned on being good.  DIDN'T know we would be stuck in a 3 hour bumper to bumper traffic jam to Leeds Festival from the motorway - absolutely starving by the time we collected them then got back onto the motorway in about 20 minutes and stopped at the first services................

YES fish and chips..................well I had chicken and chips but about the same calories - nightmare - and then I needed something sweet and had a milky way - annoyed with myself.

Tonight though we are now waiting on a sheek kebab and hubby a curry - I couldn't be arsed to cook after such an horrendous day.

Back on slimming world tomorrow morning - I reckon I will have a gain this week, need to put it behind me and get back to SW properly and have a good loss the week after and get my stone award.  FINGERS CROSSED.

Gilly be good be good be good be good be good - it's a want to be 10 stones for Christmas Day.

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