Wednesday, 6 August 2014

5th Weigh in at Slimming World - total 9.5lb's off

And I lost a pound...................I was expecting so much more.  Over the last few weeks though I have noticed that I seem to be a fortnightly loser so maybe I shall lose another good 3lb's or so next week, fingers crossed.

However, every Wednesday when I'm at work I tend to stick to plan during the day and then on the night time end up going somewhere like a World Buffet (tonight Pizza Express) and eat loads of food and so it takes me 2 days to lose whatever weight I might gain on Wednesdays before actually getting back on Slimming World.  I was so determined today (being on annual leave from work) to be good, was I - NO - I wasn't - how stupid am I and to make matters worse I had two 'Topic' chocolate bars, a fresh cream scone with jam AND a couple of chocolate biscuits. 

Very annoyed with myself.

Anyway, nearing a stone off and just hope that I can keep at it and get back down to 10.10 which I feel very happy with - may even decide to go down to 10.7 this time - IF I get that far.


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