Friday, 22 August 2014

Leeds Festival. (no not me) our DD

Korin didn't fancy her car being in the thick mud at Leeds Festival and asked if we would take her - so we did - I've taken two days annual leave so that we could go up yesterday - drop her off and spend the day in and around Leeds - there was an ammunition museum too which we fancied having a look at.  Dropped Korin at around 11.30 am - 12 noon - and then tootled off into Leeds. OMGoodness I have NEVER seen so many cars, vans, trucks, bikes etc etc - there was just so much traffic.  it was a nightmare.

So we drove around and around and around and finally headed out of Leeds towards York - and finally settled on a Pizza Hut meal loads of salad and just a slice of pizza - I thought - as we had our anniversary meal the night before and went totally OTT  - we drove onto a designated 'restaurant' type of commercial park - there wasn't a parking space in site - must have been around 20 cars waiting around for spaces - and then we couldn't get back out.  Our tempers and hunger by this time were at their peak.

So we finally got off this park and ended up on an ordinary retail park - with a NEXT and PETS R US and an ARGOS - so we walked to pizza hut which was about 6 minutes up the road - and totally went OTT again - Key moreso than me - I think I had about 6 slices of pizza - although not massive and I went for the thin crust - the salad bar was AWFUL - but I topped it all off with an unlimited 'kiddies' type ice cream with loads of sweeties - STUPID cow I am but it was kinda delicious.

AND then we had to drive 3 hours home.  Poor Key was totally and utterly exhausted.

AND then we have to do it all again to go pick her up on Monday - wowsers - I don't know IF I fancy going up again, but can't let poor hubby do it all on his own and what kind of state will that bloody field be in by MOnday - it was bad enough yesterday.  Never mind eh.

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