Friday, 13 November 2015

K I C K .... ouch !

OK that was my own kick up the bum - I haven't been pretty good on Slimming World for a few weeks now.3 weeks or so ago i got to 8lb's off and I reckon that IF I was going to class tomorrow it would be about a pound this has to stop.

this week has been particularly bad..................had a bad week at work, for some reason my so called friend has been taking pops at me just a little too much and it's really got to me.  I wont let it get to me any more and have been answering her back, she thinks I'm meek and mild, well no more my so called friend.

Had an indian and chocolate tonight - feel sick and uncomfortable.  As of tomorrow more walking, more watching exactly what I eat - it's only 3 weeks to my blood tests to see how I'm doing on Metformin - and at this rate I won't be doing very well.

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